Lake of the Woods Cemetery

The Lake of the Woods Cemetery entrance is located at 750 Ninth Street North and there are also three other entrances along Ninth Street North.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  * closed from noon to 12:30 p.m.


First Floor, 60 Fourteen Street North (Operations Building)

Contact Information

Mailing: One Main Street South Kenora, Ontario. P9N 3X2

Phone: (807) 467-2067
Email: cemetery@kenora.ca


Cemetery Walking Tours

Regular Walking Tours

Historical Cemetery Tours

10:30—11:30 a.m.—Every Friday

July & August  ($5.00)


Pioneer Men of Rat Portage,

Extraordinary Women of Rat Portage

Red Hot History—The Great Fires

The Great War WW1


Lantern Lit Night Tours

“A Walk on the Dark Side” Tour

Criminal Activity in Rat Portage/Kenora

The Ghosts Among Us

8:30—9:30 p.m.  ($5.00)

Every Third Friday 

Contact 807-467-2067


*cancelled if raining

Call 807-467-2044 for more information.


Ice Candle - Festival of Lights

Ice -candles

The City of Kenora has a unique celebration of life at its Cemetery. Ice candles are lit on Christmas Eve, which stay lit through to Boxing Day, in celebration and memory of lost loved ones.

Over five thousand candles are lit by 50+ volunteers on Christmas Eve. Monies raised from this event are used in parks beautification projects through out the City of Kenora. 


$8.00 - Ice Candle (customer picks up and lights themselves) Wax candle included.
$10.00 - Ice Candle (placed and lit by City staff & volunteers) Wax candle included.



The Lake of the Woods Cemetery was opened in 1883 under the name of the Union Park Cemetery. E.M. Rideout donated the land the Cemetery is situated on.

On September 19, 1891, the L.O.W. Cemetery Company was formed to govern the care and control of the Cemetery.

The first published bylaw book which included the rules and regulations of the Cemetery was printed July 1, 1928. A single grave sold for $10.80 at this time.

Then on April 1, 1940, the Parks Committee of the Corporation of the Town of Kenora took over the management and operation of the Lake of the Woods Cemetery.

In 1972, the Roman Catholic Cemetery was turned over to the Town of Kenora from the Notre Dame Du Portage Church. Thus on August 1, 1972, the Lake of the Woods Cemetery and Roman Catholic Cemetery were amalgamated and called the Lake of the Woods Cemetery.

On January 1, 2000, Kenora, Keewatin, and Jaffray Melick amalgamated, the Cemetery stayed as the Lake of the Woods Cemetery but new bylaws were passed under the City of Kenora.

The Cemetery now covers 11.5 hectares or 37 acres of park-like setting with over 100 year old elm trees.

The Lake of the Woods Cemetery has mystic and charm, which includes historical information, headstone art, infamous locals and even a few resident ghosts. So take the time to enjoy the over 125 year old serene and peaceful surroundings encircling the memories of our loved ones.


Who governs the L.O.W. Cemetery?

The Lake of the Woods Cemetery is owned & operated by the City of Kenora; and is governed by municipal bylaws & provincial legislation. (Ministry of Small Business & Consumer Services)

Are Funeral Homes & Cemeteries separate businesses?

Yes. The funeral homes look after the funeral service and the Cemetery looks after the interment of your loved ones.

What is a perpetual care fund?

Perpetual care fund is a mandatory care & maintenance trust fund created by the provincial legislation in 1928 to ensure upkeep of cemeteries. A portion of the purchase price of each plot sale & interest is invested back into the Cemetery grounds. In 1992, a care & maintenance fund was introduced for the care of the headstones.


  • Full Grave: holds one (1) full burial & up to four (4) cremated remains
  • Cremation Grave: holds two (2) cremated remains
  • Columbarium Niche: above ground cremation compartments - holds two (2) cremated remains
  • Interment Rights Holder: An interment rights holder is a person designated to make decisions as to who goes into that gravesite & includes granting permission of any marker on said gravesite
  • Certificate of Interment Rights: A Certificate issued by the City of Kenora acknowledging the that the Interment Rights Holder has the right to inter at a specific gravesite
  • Interment: The burial of human remains, including cremated remains

Services Offered

  • Full Burials
  • Cremated Remains
  • Plot Purchases (3 types)
  • Headstone foundations
  • Administration of Public registrar
  • Community Participation
    • Ice Candles - Festival of Lights
    • Summer Historical Tours
    • Summer Night Tours - "Walk on the Dark Side"

Other Services

  • Interment Licence Fee.....10.00
  • Administration Fee...........25.00
  • Temp. Marker Fee...........10.00
  • Col Inscription Fee...........599.00
  • Disinterment Fee..............200% of open & closing fees
  • Genealogy Trace..............10.00 (per name)

Foundation Fees

(Foundation preparation & perpetual care)

  • Flat Marker............125.00
  • Upright (to 4').........200.00
  • Upright (over 4').....400.00
  • Bench.....................100.00

Schedule of Rates(By-law #34-2009)

Plot Purchases

  • Full Grave................525.00 (Holds 1 Full burial & up to 4 cremated remains)
  • Cremation Grave.....300.00 (Holds 2 cremated remains)
  • Columbarium:
    • Top 2 Rows...........1,180.00
    • Middle 3 rows........960.00
    • Bottom 2 Rows......785.00
  • Graves with Concrete Foundation.....$750.00

Open & Closing Fees

  • During regular hours:
    • Full Burial………...$710.00
    • Cremation………....315.00
    • Columbarium……...150.00
  • Saturday Charges:
    • Full Burial...........1060.00
    • Cremation...........465.00
    • Columbarium......300.00
  • Late Working Charge: $125.00 per hour


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