Boil Water Advisory - City Wide

March 02, 2014
City Calls for a City Wide Boil Water Advisory 

As of 7:00 p.m. March 1, 2014, the entire City of Kenora water system will be on a full boil water advisory.

With the City experiencing numerous water main breaks over the past several days it has been determined by our Water & Sewer Department that it is necessary to impose a City wide boil water advisory.

Due to the extreme temperatures and level of frost in the ground we are experiencing significant levels of water main breaks and water freezes causing a system reaction with our water lines. Each time there is a water main break, the City needs to impose a boil water advisory for the area serviced by that main, and staff can only open one valve off the line until two clear lab test results are received. Only at that time can the rest of the valves be opened. This process is causing significant issues within the system, and is resulting in further main breaks. The crews have been working around the clock on water main breaks, however, new ones are appearing daily, and sometimes multiple breaks on one line. There is currently no work being done on water thaws as the water mains must be the City's priority. The reality is the City simply needs to stop the water main breaks before we can get them back on the individual thaws.

These circumstances have lead to the necessity to impose a City wide boil water advisory. By imposing this City wide advisory it will allow staff to open the valves as each main is repaired with the intent of stabilizing the system pressures and help to end the cycle of the water main breaks.

Please understand that the City needs to take every precaution with our water system and that this is only a precautionary measure. By taking this preventative step and advising the public to boil its water, it will allow our water and sewer department to make repairs much quicker and try to prevent further water mains from breaking.

We thank everyone for their understanding and patience during this extremely challenging time for the City water and sewer department.

An information fact sheet will be available on the front page off the Northwestern Health Unit website at, which will include information for safely treating water during a boil water advisory. The NWHU page will also have information on the location of additional sites to obtain this information in print form.


Heather Kasprick
Deputy Clerk/Communications



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