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In 2011 - 2012, the City of Kenora undertook a branding exercise with Roger Brooks of Destination Development International. A brand leadership team comprised of people from Kenora and the Lake of the Woods region worked with Roger to create a new brand for our city. The brand promise is as follows:

Kenora is North America's Premier Boating Destination.
We are the connection to Lake of the Woods and its 14,522 Islands.
Through our events and amenities we celebrate our history and build our future. We love our lake; we are its stewards and we nurture its pristine environment.

This promise focuses on enjoying the lake, and protecting the lake - while paying tribute to the people who lived this land before us, and those that will live it after us.

Brand Identity

The New Identity

When considering North America's Premier Boating Destination, the first image that likely comes to mind, is that of a power boat, up on step, racing across Lake of the Woods and creating a large wake.

With the identity being made up of curved lines tracing a boat's hull, and the fluid forms of the water which the boat sits on, it is important that the letterforms not be too geometric. The typography should roll like water does.

The visual identity is made up of 3 groups of colours - a mixture of natural earth tones, and nautical-themed colours. The red represent adventure, passion and excitement. The blues represent trustworthiness and confidence. Small amounts of brown represent the natural geography.

A closer look at the image above, reveals symbolism representing other popular forms of water travel - a paddle and a sailboat.

The Paddle

The Paddle

Forming the windshield and top rail of the power boat, is a paddle. The paddle represents all hand-powered transportation on the lake, including kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards. Eco-tourism and adventure seeking continue to grow in popularity, and Lake of the Woods is the perfect setting to explore with a paddle.

The Sailboat

The Sailboat

Rounding out the collage of images that make up the power boat, is the sailboat. A mainstay of leisure-seekers on Lake of the Woods, the sailboat provides an elegant and stylish way to experience all the lake has to offer.


positioning statement


The essence of the new brand statement is 'North America's Premier Boating Destination'.

As a community, we're not responsible for just delivering a logo or a communication strategy - or even putting out an ad campaign. We are in the business of delivering an experience.

This new identity will be the visual that represents that experience. It will represent the promise that we make to everyone that holds a special place in their hearts for Kenora and Lake of the Woods - North America's Premier Boating Destination!

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