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Whether it is a leisurely swim at one of our neighbourhood beaches, a visit to one of our many spectacular parks or an adventure on one of our recreational trails, your outdoor experience in Kenora will not be forgotten!  This pristine, natural environment is the perfect backdrop to experience outdoor play and relaxation.

Public beaches in the surrounding area:

Anicinabe Beach - Miikana Way off Highway 17E.
80+ campsites - beach - washroom - picnic area- play ground - boat ramp
Reservations call 807-467-2700 or online www. 

Garrow Park Beach - Rabbit Lake Road - End of Birchwood Crescent.
beach - washrooms - tennis courts - play structure - docks - picnic area
Rabbit Lake Trail - paved accessible trail
Kenora Rowing Club

Keewatin Beach
On Lake of the Woods, turn off Hwy. 17 West onto Main Street, then right onto Beach Road.
beach - washrooms - play structure - dock - picnic shelter

Norman Park Beach
Norman Park
On Lake of the Woods, turn off Hwy. 17 West/Lakeview Drive by the Dairy Queen
beach - washrooms - play structure - picnic shelter
CPR Museum & Engine & Caboose

Coney Island Beach
On Lake of the Woods, with boat access only in summer.
Boat rentals available at most marinas.
Shuttle service at Harbourfront Docks
beach - washroom - concession - play structure - docks - picnic area



Beatty Park
10th Street - Keewatin
picnic Area - washroom - band stand - show piece gardens - cenotaph

McLeod Park
Lakeview Drive - walking distance from downtown
Home of Huskie the Muskie, McMillan Tugboat & Rotary Club Goodwill Geyser
showpiece gardens - washrooms - boardwalk - scenic trail to downtown

Anicinabe Park
955 Golf Course Road (Take Mikana Way off Highway 17 East)
beach - washrooms -picnic area - play ground - boat ramp - 80+ campsites
Park Office: 807-467-2700  or online 

Coney Island Beach Park
Located on Lake of the Woods. Boat access only in summer
beach - concession - gazebo - band stand - play structure - washrooms
Coney Island Beach Shuttle Service departs from the Harbourfront daily from May - August.
(May - June 24 & Sept by request only - Call Green Adventures 407- 8683)
Price:Round trip rates: Adult $10, Children 2 - 12 $6, Under 2 Free
Shuttle Phone: 407-8683

Garrow Park
Birchwood Crescent off Rabbit Lake Road
beach - washrooms - tennis courts - play structure - docks - picnic area
Kenora Rowing Club - contact 807-548-8983

Keewatin Beach Park
Located on Lake of the Woods in Keewatin, Turn off Highway 17 West onto Main Street, then right onto Beach Road.
beach - washrooms - gazebo - play structure

Norman Park
Located on Lake of the Woods, Highway 17 West/Lakeview Drive turn off at the lights by the Dairy Queen.
beach - washrooms - gazebo - play structure - CPR Museum
Contact: Carson Milko, Parks Lead
Phone: 807-467-2044

The Harbourfront
Parallel to Main Street
Home of the "Looney Bear" - M.S. Kenora cruise ship - Thistle Pavilion
floral gardens - washrooms - major events under the tent - Harbourfest, Kenora Bass International - July 1st Celebration - Matiowski's Farmers Markets

Jaffray Melick Lookout Point
Rabbit Lake Road - gazebo overlooking Rabbit Lake, shrub and floral gardens

Lakeview Lookout
Lakeview Drive - directly across from Kenora Forest Products
Picnic area - Lake of the Woods lookout

Jack Robinson Park
Junction of Redditt Road & Rabbit Lake Road
Memorial for Firefighters - picnic area - floral gardens

Keewatin Central Park
10th and Superior Street - play structure, gazebo, open green space.

Keewatin Rock Holes
6th Street Keewatin - glacier rock holes, picnic shelter, and lookout area



Nature Trails - Hiking and Walking Eco-Tours
Kenora's Recreational Trails and the surrounding Regional Trails offer an outdoor experience for all your senses.  You get to see the great northwest in all it's natural glory, you get to feel the solitude and the "one with nature" familiarity of life in the wild,  you get to smell the fresh air and the Lake of the Woods itself and you get to encounter wildlife in their environment.  You get to experience all of this in our back yard.


The Lake of the Woods Trail Guide and the Kenora Recreational Urban Trails Guide Booklet will assist you in your adventure.

Kenora Recreational Trails


U1 - Rat Portage Urban Trail, City Centre

Description: The Rat Portage Urban Trail meanders along flat or gently rolling, paved city streets with sidewalks of wood, interlocking brick or concrete and along Laurenson's Creek nature walk. See Husky the Muskie and the Goodwill Geyser in McLeod Park, Kenora's harbourfront, the downtown shopping area, restaurants and fast food outlets, a museum, wall murals, wetland areas and peaceful residential areas. Enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of this community and to cool off take a swim at Anicinabe park's public beach.

Distance: 6.5 to 8 km
Terrain: Easy to Moderate
Seasons: All Seasons
Uses: Hiking

Rat Portage Trail Walking Tour Guide

U2 - Rabbit Lake Trail System, Jaffray Melick

Rabbit Lake Trail is inclusive, accessible and paved.  This trail starts at the end of Nairn Avenue, proceeds to a wonderful viewing site overlooking Rabbit Lake, then east along the shore of Rabbit Lake to Garrow Park and Beach.  The trail then follows Birchwood Crescent onto Valley Drive which leads you back to Nairn Avenue.  There are several resting areas along the bush portion of the trail.  There are also several feeder trails that are not accessible.
Distance:  5 km
Terrain:  Easy to Moderate (Feeder Trails - Moderate to High)
Seasons:  All seasons
Uses:  Hiking, Cycling, Skiing, Snowshoe, Wheelchair Accessible

Rabbit Lake Recreational Trail Tour Guide

U3 - Mink Bay Trail, Keewatin

Description: The Mink Bay Wetland is a beautiful area nestled in the west end of the City of Kenora. This area has the distinction of being the earliest settled area in Keewatin. This trail system winds through the wetlands and wilderness areas of Mink and Portage Bay and into the green spaces and businesses of downtown Keewatin.

Distance: 4.3 km
Terrain: Easy to Moderate to High in some feeders
Seasons: All Seasons
Uses: Hiking, Cycling, Skiing

Mink Bay Historical Walking Tour Guide

U4 - Wass'say'Gaa'Boo (Tunnel Island Trail)

Description:  This area is a relationship gathering place with 8,000 years of history.  A place where relationship is affirmed, confirmed and maintained.  Stunning views of the Winnipeg River and Norman Dam can be seen along the series of trails which make up Tunnel Island.  The trail also includes several lookouts and points of interest along its path.  Many wildlife such as eagles, pelicans, deer and fox can be seen along this trail.  This land was gifted to the Common Ground partnership between the City of Kenora, Grand Council Treaty #3 and the communities of Wauzushk Onigum, Ochiichagwe'Babigo'lning and Obashkaandagaang.  Please respect the heritage value of this sacred site, while enjoying the land.

Distance:  6-10 km
Terrain:  Moderate to High
Seasons:  All seasons.  Winter season, some slippery slopes, alternate winter trails are available and recommended.

S1 - Kenora Nordic Trails, Mt. Evergreen Ski Hill

Description: The Kenora Nordic Trails is a series of trails which are well signed. The trails intimately wind through mixed forest and rocky ridges. The trails are designed so you can add extra loops off the main trail as your energy allows. From the top of Mount Evergreen spectacular views of the Lake of the Woods and the surrounding forest are encountered. May experience wet conditions in the rainy season.

Distance: 1.4 to 20 km
Terrain: Moderate to High
Seasons: All Seasons. Trail use is free except in the winter when groomed for skiing, at which time hiking is not allowed.
Uses: Hiking, Skiing


Regional Trails

R1 - Minaki Trails

Description: Minaki Trails encompasses 25 km of scenic trails throughout the boreal forest. Natural trails wind through this pristine forest with spectacular views of the Canadian Shield and surrounding area.

Distance: 25 km
Terrain: Moderate to Extreme
Seasons: All Seasons
Uses: Hiking, Cycling, Skiing

R2 - Rusing River Trails

Terrain: Lower Rapids Trail - 1.8 km - moderate
Pine Ridge Trail - 500 m - moderate
Beaver Pond Trails - 1.1 km - moderate
Granite Knoll Trail - 2.7 km - difficult
Seasons: Trails are three seasons - closed in the winter
Uses: Hiking only

R3 - Vernon Nature Trails

Description: The Vernon Nature Area is a unique area that links three very diverse vegetarian zones found within Canada. These designated trails will acquaint you with the transition zone between the Boreal Forest Region, the St. Lawrence-Great Lake Forest Region and the Prairie Grasslands.

Distance: 5 km
Terrain: Easy to Moderate
Seasons: All Seasons
Uses: Hiking, Cycling, Skiing, Snowshoeing

R4 - Sioux Narrows - Nestor Falls Trails

Description: Enjoy unparalleled hiking through the boreal forests along three trial systems - Red Pine Trails, Boreal Trails and Aspen Trails. The trails travel through impressive stands of red pine, cedar, poplar, spruce, cedar and oak trees. Enjoy the spectacular views, beaver ponds, granite ridges and see many forest dwellers that call this area home.

Distance: 1 to 8 km
Terrain: Moderate to Extreme
Seasons: All Seasons (Boreal Trail closed during winter)
Uses: Hiking, Skiing


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